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A Ransomed Woman's Gag Talk - Candle Boxxx & Star Nine

Candle Boxxx hauls a rope bound and gagged Star Nine into the lair while talking to her boss. She's complaining that Star won't stop talking through her nylon stuffed over the mouth gag. She's cute, but Candle has to do HOM gagging to muffle her more. Handgags aren't enough! This chatty brat needs her ransom paid soon! Candle agrees to take off the white cloth gag if Star promises to stop talking. It's a tough challenge, but the long stocking is slowly pulled out of her mouth. It's non stop talking as they wait for the Big Boss to show up.

Annoyed, Candle uses dirty panties for a panty packing gag with silver duct tape. Unable to hear the distinct words, it's annoying that she continues chattering so Candle confesses that she scoped Star out because of her tight ass. Pushing her on the ground in doggystyle, she's amused at the muffled gag talk in this embarrassing position.

Candle says she's a professional massager and starts clit rubbing Star, adding a vibrating wand. Assuming the orgasm will shut her up, Candle takes a phone call, but is handgagging Star as she prattles on.

The hideout has been ratted out, so Star gets a disguise including a hankie mouth stuffing and microfoam tape. Red lipstick creates a fake set up lips on the microfoam gag.

The cops come in and Candle explains the situation as a sexy game between lesbian lovers. The police officers insist that Star explain the situation but nobody can understand her, so they ask for the stuffed gag to be removed. Candle creates a diversion and runs off as Star chews the ear off anybody who will listen to her damsel stories!

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A Ransomed Woman's Gag Talk - Candle Boxxx & Star Nine

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Alison Rey & Star Nine Makeout

Alison Rey and Star Nine are in shiny nude pantyhose and tights skirts. They're giving deep kisses with tongue sucking and lip nibbling as their nylon legs intertwine.

Alison's long red nails graze Star's sensitive nipples before nipple kissing and nipple licking on her perky tits. Star does breast worship and is boob licking and breast squeezing with her long red fingernails on Alison's large breasts.

Giggling they love the pussy tease they've given each other!

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Alison Rey & Star Nine Makeout

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Sensual Massage Demo - Candle Boxxx & Star Nine

In today's class, we're learning sensual massage with Candle Boxxx. I'm going to teach you how to hit the right spots even if she's nervous about being nude on the internet. Using a pointer on various body parts, her pointed toes flutter as she tries to be professional. When I poke her creamy thighs and under her firm ass, she jolts. The massage oil startles her upon impact.

When the deep tissue massage starts, her red fingernails grab the massage table, especially as my hands go down to her tight ass. Since she's wiggling, I have her turn over and demonstrate massage techniques for breast massage including nipple licking and tit sucking.

Going down to her flat belly massage, her pronounced ribcage arches as I'm belly button licking. The belly button worship causes her to do belly sucking and her concave stomach is so sexy. Licking inner thighs makes her gasp but this is a tease and denial game, so I stop and go.

Rope bound with her arms overhead, her body arches more as I do feather tickling with the soft end and the firm end. Edging closer to orgasm, I remove the firm feathers and replace it with a hitachi magic wand. Her face reddens as she squirts everywhere. The sensual moans turning into grunty screams.

Class, this is how to tease women!

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Sensual Massage Demo - Candle Boxxx & Star Nine

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I Wish You Were a Real Girl - Candle Boxxx & Star Nine Wet and Messy Gold Body Painting

Candle Boxxx is excited to play with her brand new Star Nine doll. She is tickled by how anatomically correct her golden toy is, and she bends & positions it's arms to do naughty things. However, she quickly realizes how hard it would be to take her doll outside to play, the Star doll is heavy and stiff, hard to move around. Candle can't even pick her new toy up. It would be more fun if the Star doll were a real girl and not just this frozen statue.

Candle has an idea, maybe if she could get the paint off the Star doll it might turn into a real girl! She drags her heavy toy to the shower and turns on the water. Soon she detects breathing. The gold plating is washing off & revealing a real girl inside! Candle questions Star, was she a real girl before who got turned into a doll? Star is spacey, doesn't know words, only remembers being frozen forever.

Wet & Messy, WAM, Freeze Fetish, Wet Look, Humor, Gold Paint
I Wish You Were a Real Girl - Candle Boxxx & Star Nine Wet and Messy Gold Body Painting

Thursday June 13
Sink Shave - Star Nine Pussy Shaving Female Masturbation Voyeur Orgasms Solo Female Orgasms

Star Nine shaves her pussy with a men's brush & lather in the hotel sink. When she's finished she examines her work with hand mirror before rubbing her hands over the smooth skin until she cums.

Solo Female, Pussy Shaving, Masturbation, Orgasms, Voyeur
Sink Shave - Star Nine Pussy Shaving Female Masturbation Voyeur Orgasms Solo Female Orgasms

Friday June 14
Saturday June 15
Ginger Sparks: The Interview Real Life Pantyhose Stories

Ginger Sparks talks about her first experiences with pantyhose, how they made her feel special & pulled together when she wore them for beauty pageants growing up. She also shares a couple of stories - one about the first time she ever felt sexual in a pair of pantyhose & the other about a run-in with a shoe store employee who wanted to touch her hosed legs.

Includes Real Life Pantyhose Stories, Pantyhose Modeling, Interviews, Legs, Pantyhose Fetish, Nylons
Ginger Sparks: The Interview Real Life Pantyhose Stories

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