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Messy Roommate

Addie & Psymon sit down to watch a movie together, but the basketball game has preempted the beginning of the film so Psymon goes off to take a shower, warning Addie not to touch his pudding. Addie has her own pudding, so this shouldn't be a problem. Addie takes a bite of her pudding & experiences an overwhelming urge to play with her food. She doesn't want to waste her pudding through, when Psymon left a perfectly good bowl of it right there. Addie rubs the caramel colored pudding into her face and hair before beginning to coat her breasts through her shirt and over her panties. She removes the messy clothing and coats her body before rubbing her silky wet pussy with the mess, bringing herself to an intense orgasm. She puts her messy clothes back on and tries to pretend that nothing happened when Psymon returns, but she can't contain her laughter.
Messy Roommate

Thursday August 4
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Taped & Diapered Cheerleaders

Ashley Lane has a crush on her cheerleading coach, Star. She's always making excuses to stop by her office & today Star isn't there so Ashley takes the opportunity to snoop through her desk. Ashley finds a cheerleader uniform from the rival team and two roles of colorful duct tape. She's trying to make sense of these items when Star returns and ties her to the desk! Star stands over Ashley holding a diaper and one of the rolls of duct tape. Its Ashley's fantasy come true, Star not only knows all about her crush, but the attraction is reciprocated! Ashley is excited, but confused. She's sure what Star is planning with the diaper and duct tape, but her concerns fade as Star leans in for a kiss. Ashley hungrily kisses back, moaning in disappointment when Star pulls away to neatly tape up her mouth with three pieces of pink tape. Ashley begs for more kisses as Star pulls up her cheer-leading skirt and tapes her into a diaper! This is not going how Ashley had hoped at all, but she gives in as Star gets her off with a strong vibrator over her diaper. As Ashley is bucking and moaning Star fantasizes about being diapered and taped up herself. She finds herself into a diapered, tape gagged, hogtie, rolling on the floor next to Ashley with her vibrator taped to her thigh.
Taped & Diapered Cheerleaders

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Questioned & Quenched

Tina has Star tied spread-eagle to the beg and interrogates her, whipping the front of her body, thighs, pussy, breasts with a leather crop. Star begs for a sip of water and Tina holds the glass to her lips before continuing the interrogation.
Questioned & Quenched

Thursday August 11
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Nathan & Ashley Bound

Ashley & Nathan are in a playful mood, getting ready for bed. Ashley strokes Nathan's cock as they talk about her tying him up. Nathan has been tied to the bed, gagged and blindfolded, but Ashley only has her wrists and ankles tied. She struggles in the ropes and manages to free her ankles, but then she get distracted by Nathan's vulnerable position. Ashley strokes Nathan's cock with her bound hands while Nathan futilely tries to get her to untie him. Ashley strokes away, teasing his cock until she eventually decides it's time to get her hands free. She leaves Nathan alone on the bed with his hard cock bouncing as he struggles in the ropes.
Nathan & Ashley Bound

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Motel Pantyhose

Star kicks off her heels and rubs her feet, she is wearing seemed charcoal pantyhose. She closes her eyes and rubs her long legs, extending them, stretching, massaging. It feels good, Star's roaming hands find the dark cotton panel and she focuses her attentions there, thrusting upwards at her hand with her long legs. She cums hard and then rests, rubbing the now wet panel.
Motel Pantyhose

Thursday August 18
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Saturday August 20
Slave Girl Virtual Sex

Coming 08/20/2022

Feel the power as you're POV fucking your wrap gagged submissive slave. Star Nine rides your cock, encouraging you to fuck her long and deep through her vet wrap tape gag. She fucking you hard with her bound hands behind her back, her moans muffled through her tight gag until her eyes roll back and she's cumming.
Slave Girl Virtual Sex

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