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Models / Star Nine

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Underwater Bondage Escape - Star Nine
Star Nine
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Star Nine awakens rope bound underwater and is confused how she ended up in the bottom of a pool. Screams for help sounds like gag talking without the gag. Bubbles float to the top of the water as she's yelling underwater. Her pink toenails flutter as she struggles in her ankle binds. The wet jeans...

Tags: barefoot Blondes bondage did
Latex & Diaper Ass Worship
Ashley Lane , Star Nine
Available to Members Now

On your knees before beautiful latex Goddesses Star Nine & Ashley Lane. you're desperate to kiss, lick and be smothered by their latex asses. But do you deserve it? Can you be trusted to worship their asses correctly? They don't think so. Star has Ashley demonstrate proper technique, running her tongue...

Tags: ass smother ass worship diaper fetish femdom pov
Bondage Afterhours
Arielle Lane , Star Nine
Available to Members Now

Star stops by the office afterhours to pick up some paperwork and is shocked to see Arielle Lane still slowly cleaning. She suspects Arielle of snooping through her files and chastises her as usual. Arielle is tired of Star's constant scolding and takes advantage of the fact that they are all alone to...

Tags: bondage escaping gagged women rope bondage
Escrima Stick Battle
Ashley Lane , Star Nine
Available to Members on

Ashley Lane approaches Star Nine as she's searching for something under the bed with her tight ass in the air, not caring that her exposed ass crack peeks out from her tight yoga pants. Both claim that they took out the Prime Minister, but Ashley swings her bat first, only to be swept off her over...

Tags: belly punching Blondes boots cosplay
Diaper Malfunction
Star Nine
Available to Members Now

Star comes home from a day out shopping & is excited to show her purchases off to you. As she sits on the couch showing off the costume jewelry she bought, you think you see something unusual under her skirt. When she stands up to show you some stockings she picked up your suspicions are confirmed. She's...

Tags: diaper fetish
The Vampire Layer - Star Nine
Star Nine
Available to Members on

This is an AUDIO ONLY story. NO VIDEO. Buffy the Vampire Slayer is going undercover to stop a vampire and teases her boyfriend that she will stake him and definitely not kiss him. The minidress, black hose and high heels will seduce him as much as the fawning. After the date she gives a rundown...

Tags: dirty talk mesmerize
Supergirl vs Spandexxa
Arielle Lane , Star Nine
Available to Members Now

Supergirl confronts the villainess Spendexxa (Arielle Lane) in her layer. Supergirl vows to bring her to justice but Spandexxa freezes her! Spandexxa is notorious for turning her victims into spandex objects & this is soon to be Supergirl's fate. Another beam from her ray and now Supergirl is a spandex...

Tags: freeze human furniture spandex stuck fetish
Star Bound on Newsprint
Star Nine
Available to Members on

Star Nine struggles on newspapers in a strict hogtie and a big red ballgag. The rustling news papers crinkle beneath her as she tries rolling to her side. The strict bondage immobilizes movement so she's not traveling far despite her bound struggling. Her big drooly ballgag muffles her mmmphs as her...

Tags: ball gag barefoot Blondes bondage

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